Future Downstream

London | 2-3 March 2021

Atomiton’s mission is to change the future of industries by using advanced digital platforms to optimize industrial operations. We do this by enabling digital innovation with our Industrial IoT solutions.  

Atomiton solutions leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence in our software platform to drive operations with predictive insights. These digital solutions are based on Atomiton Stack (A-Stack™), a predictive operational system for optimizing industrial operations. It ingests and analyzes sensor, machine and operational data, makes real-time predictions, and takes action at the pace of operations.  

A-Stack software runs on edge devices and gateways, as well as servers and clouds, and connects, digitizes, optimizes and orchestrates industrial assets and processes. By leveraging edge computing and artificial intelligence, A-Stack provides customers real-time transparency, future visibility and contextual intelligence to make industrial operations more efficient. 

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