Future Downstream

Online | 2-3 March 2021

 * Subject to change

Day 1: Tuesday 2 March 2021

09:00 Welcome Address Cavendish Group
09:15 Opening keynote
09:45 Panel 1: Preparing the downstream sector for the technology revolution

  • An insight into 4.0 and the challenges faced by the industry
  • Defining the digital roadmap – A focus on machine learning, blockchain and predictive maintenance
  • Identifying and overcoming the challenges and managing obsolete technologies
  • Exploring innovation – How AI, IOT, VR and augmented reality are making an impact
10:45 Networking and Expo Break
11:00 Case Study
11:25 Panel 2 – The progress of digital twin for downstream – An insight into capabilities and benefits

  • How are digital twins contributing to improving accuracy and decision making
  • Are refineries benefitting from digital twin technology – An insight into cost saving
  • Identifying challenges associated with digital twin – The importance of accurate data
  • The Evolution Model – How creative and efficient business strategies will be built around planning data and plant data
12:25 Case study
13:40 Panel 3 – Maximising opportunity and reducing risks – What makes downstream vulnerable to cyber attacks?

  • Building the right framework to prevent and mitigate attacks – An insight into people, processes, and technology
  • How to assess your organisation’s cyber vulnerability
  • What cybersecurity strategies can be implemented to protect downstream assets
  • The future of cyber security – Lessons learned and how to anticipate emerging threats
14:40 Case Study
15:05 Networking and Private Workshop “Digitising Maintenance and Turnaround Operations”
15:35 Panel 4 – How is the downstream industry contributing to decarbonisation?

  • Creating an energy transition plan – How to improve environmental sustainability
  • Assessing the impact of future global and decarbonisation policies
  • Developing a low carbon business model whilst remaining profitable – Incorporating a stakeholder strategy
  • Adopting diverse business models – A focus on electrification, hydrogen, and renewable energy
16:30 Panel 5: Embracing a shift in organisational culture - Developing digital competencies across the workforce to achieve change management – Implementing transformational culture and behavioural change

  • Implementing a digital strategy – An insight into nurturing talent whilst managing an experienced workforce
  • Adopting the right delivery for your organisation – How people and processes dictate the way changes are navigated
  • Developing a digital transformation charter – What are the steps for implementation
  • Reskilling and reshaping the current workforce – A look into employee recognition and methodology
17:15 Closing remarks
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group


Day Two: Wednesday 3 March 2021

09:00 Welcome Address
09:10 Opening Keynote
09:35 Panel 6 – Digitalisation in supply chain management – Challenges and opportunities

  • How IOT, Cloud computing and advanced robotics are making an impact – the do’s and don’ts
  • Removing the friction in the information flow – What are the key steps to a perfect digital ecosystem?
  • Applying an agile approach – What can we learn?
  • What does the future hold – An insight into biometric data, quantum computing, operator safety and enabling technology movement within facilities
10:35 Case study
10:50 Networking and Private Workshop “Energy Investments in 2021”
11:10 Case study
11:35 Panel 7 – Predictive maintenance – A contribution to reducing cost and improving efficiency

  • How predictive maintenance models lower operational expense – transitioning into data management
  • How can refineries improve their predictive analytics capabilities and reliability strategies?
  • The role of AI and Machine Learning – How will this evolve and improve PDMs
  • What does the future hold? - The challenges of adopting next generation and versatile computerised maintenance management (CMMS)
12:35 Case study
13:45 Panel 8 – Asset performance management

  • Return in investment – Understanding the value for investment in automation and digitalisation
  • Improving asset performance management over the entire asset lifecycle – Defining maintenance strategies
  • An insight into the economic return of digital investment – What can we learn?
  • How digital strategies drive collaboration
  • Challenges, opportunities, and threats with Asset performance management – Assessing the impact of 4.0
14:40 Panel 9 – Energy Efficiency – Reducing cost and Innovative Energy Saving Initiatives

  • An insight into the latest Energy Resources – Hydrogen, coke gasification and fuel cells
  • What are the key barriers and challenges for Refiners – Spotlight into price volatility and the current investment market
  • How to balance profitability and environmental conformity – Pairing innovation with Climate change
  • Innovative ways to cut energy through the whole value chain – Building an effective energy efficiency strategy
15:35 Networking and Private Workshop “Strategies for migrating SAP Systems”
16:05 Case study
16:25 Panel 10 – The Digital Journey – Has Downstream fully embraced Digital?

  • Technology development and deployment – Do we see the clear benefits
  • Investor Relations – Does successfully implementing a digital strategy encourage financing
  • How leadership teams are dealing with the “Digital Transition” – What can we learn?
  • Applying an agile approach to driving digital strategies – What are the best practices and methodologies?