Future Downstream

Online | 2-3 March 2021

 * Subject to change

Day 1: Tuesday 2 March 2021
Timezone: GMT

09:00 Welcome Address Cavendish Group
09:15 Opening keynote
Carlos Maurer, EVP Global Commercial, Shell
09:45 Panel 1: Preparing the downstream sector for the technology revolution

  • An insight into 4.0 and the challenges faced by the industry
  • Defining the digital roadmap – A focus on machine learning, blockchain and predictive maintenance
  • Identifying and overcoming the challenges and managing obsolete technologies
  • Exploring innovation – How AI, IOT, VR and augmented reality are making an impact

Gerco van den Brink, Digitalisation Lead, Shell – Pernis Refinery
Raahil Burhaani, CIO, Essar Oil UK Ltd
Vinicius Branchini, Global SafetyTech.ai Director, DuPont Sustainable Solutions
Panagiotis Tsiakis, Director, IT Business Applications, Hellenic Petroleum
Marcio Wagner da Silva, Process Engineer and Project Manager, Petrobras
Moderator: David Hartell, Managing Director, Stellae Energy Ltd

11:00 Presentation: "The Data Driven Connected Refinery"
Shane McArdle, SVP Production, Kongsberg Digital
11:25 Panel 2 – How is the downstream industry contributing to decarbonisation?

  • Creating an energy transition plan – How to improve environmental sustainability
  • Assessing the impact of future global and decarbonisation policies
  • Developing a low carbon business model whilst remaining profitable – Incorporating a stakeholder strategy
  • Adopting diverse business models – A focus on electrification, hydrogen, and renewable energy

Bob Maughon, EVP Sustainability, Technology and Innovation, CTO & CSO, SABIC
Maurits Van Tol, CTO, Johnson Matthey
Raahil Burhaani, CIO, Essar Oil UK Ltd
Dr Chris Manson-Whitton, Director, Progressive Energy
Moderator: Vaseem Khan, Global Vice President, Digital and Analytics, McDermott

12:25 Keynote Presentation: Delivering on the Circular Economy Ambition for the Chemical Industry – Opportunities, Challenges and Support Needed
Bob Maughon, EVP Sustainability, Technology and Innovation, CTO & CSO, SABIC
13:20 Presentation: Downstream decarbonisation Investment will focus on the few, not the many
Alan Gelder, VP Refining, Chemicals and Oil Markets, Downstream Global, Wood Mackenzie
13:40 Panel 3 – Maximising opportunity and reducing risks – What makes downstream vulnerable to cyber attacks?

  • Building the right framework to prevent and mitigate attacks – An insight into people, processes, and technology
  • How to assess your organisation’s cyber vulnerability
  • What cybersecurity strategies can be implemented to protect downstream assets
  • The future of cyber security – Lessons learned and how to anticipate emerging threats

Sharul A Rashid, Group Technical Authority, Instrumentation and Control, PETRONAS
Marcio Wagner da Silva, Process Engineer and Project Manager, Petrobras
Susan Peterson Sturm, Digital Leader, Board Advisor to Bayshore Networks
Michael Lewis, Policy and Framework Advisor, Chevron
Moderator: Sridhar Sudarsan, CTO, SparkCognition Inc

14:40 Presentation: OT/IT Convergence – Best practices for Operational Data Management in Oil & Gas
Russell Herbert, Oil & Gas Industry Principal, OSIsoft

Panel 4 - Embracing a shift in organisational culture - Developing digital competencies across the workforce to achieve change management – Implementing transformational culture and behavioural change

  • Implementing a digital strategy – An insight into nurturing talent whilst managing an experienced workforce
  • Adopting the right delivery for your organisation – How people and processes dictate the way changes are navigated
  • Developing a digital transformation charter – What are the steps for implementation
  • Reskilling and reshaping the current workforce – A look into employee recognition and methodology

Elisabetta Purlalli, SVP Digital & IT, Head of Change Management, Eni SpA
David Barreales Garcia, Head of Capabilities and Change Management, Digital Transformation, CEPSA S.A.U
Julia Benbow, Change Management & Organisational Development Downstream Digitalisation, OMV
Elgin Suggs, Manager, Digital Culture and Transformation, McDermott
Inge Wild, Programme Manager Digitalisation, Linde Gmbh
Moderator: Noorddin Taj, Technology Strategy, Architecture and Digital Innovation Lead, bp

Private Workshop – Invite only. Hosted by Kongsberg Digital
16:20 Presentation - “Digital Transformation on Multi-Unit Optimisation”
Karthick Srinivasan, Senior Director Digital and Business Transformation, Delek Holdings US

Panel 5 – The progress of digital twin for downstream – An insight into capabilities and benefits

  • How are digital twins contributing to improving accuracy and decision making
  • Are refineries benefitting from digital twin technology – An insight into cost saving
  • Identifying challenges associated with digital twin – The importance of accurate data
  • The Evolution Model – How creative and efficient business strategies will be built around planning data and plant data

Luke Kendall, Digital Programme Manager, Shell
Shane McArdle, SVP Production, Kongsberg Digital
Vaseem Khan, Global Vice President, Digital and Analytics, McDermott
Harald Wesenberg, IT Specialist and Software Innovation, Equinor
Moderator: Seth Taylor, Smart Facilities Manager, Chevron

17:40 Closing remarks
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International with
Noorddin Taj, Technology Strategy, Architecture and Digital Innovation Lead, bp


Day Two: Wednesday 3 March 2021

09:00 Welcome Address
09:05 Panel 6 – Energy Management – Reducing cost and Innovative Energy Saving Initiatives

  • An insight into the New Energy Resources – Embracing the Energy Transition Culture
  • What are the key barriers and challenges for Decarbonising
  • How to balance profitability and environmental conformity – Pairing innovation with Climate change
  • Innovative ways to cut energy through the whole value chain – Building an effective energy efficiency strategy

Henk Hendrix, Senior Manager Energy & GHG Management, SABIC
Alan Gelder, VP Refining, Chemicals and Oil Markets, Downstream Global, Wood Mackenzie
Claudia Zuluaga, Board Director, founder The FUTURE is 50/50 & Former Shell Global Principal Product Manager 
Juan Gomez Prado, Energy Optimisation Consulting Lead, KBR, Inc.
Moderator: Romain Roux, Advisor to CTO, Axens

10:05 Presentation - “Wiring” the workforce – value capture through rapid technology deployment, addressing the challenge of implementation through effective execution
Alexandre Oliveira, Director Oil and Gas, Partners in Performance
10:55 WORKSHOP: “Supply Chain Opportunities in Downstream Decarbonisation” hosted by the EIC and moderated by Stuart Broadley, CEO, Energy Industries Council (EIC)

  • What does decarbonization mean to the downstream sector?
  • Which actions are required in the short term to comply?
  • How can the supply chain prepare for downstream decarbonization?
  • Which technologies are most likely to be needed?
  • Does digital adoption resonate with decarbonization?

Stuart Taylor, Lead Segment Sales Closing & Downstream Business in Industrial Applications, Siemens Energy
Enrique Cornejo, Head of Technologies -Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy, BEIS
Graeme Jack, Operations Director, Head of Engineering & Assurance, Petrofac

11:20 Panel 7 – Predictive maintenance – A contribution to reducing cost and improving efficiency

  • How can predictive maintenance at scales structurally improve plant availability?
  • How can refineries adapt their predictive analytics capabilities and reliability strategies around Predictive Maintenance?
  • The role of AI and Machine Learning – How will this evolve and improve PM
  • What does the future hold? - The opportunities enabled by Digital Twin and next generation computerised management (CMMS)

Deepika Sandeep, AI Lead, Honeywell
Thomas Heinzerling, SVP, Advanced Operations Services, Linde Gmbh
Dr Satyam Priyadarshy, Technology Fellow and Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton
Richard Xu, Principal Data Analyst and Project Lead, BHP
Manas Pathak, Global AI Lead for Oil and Gas, Intel Corporation
Moderator: Marijn Bezuijen, SME and Business Opportunity Manager, Predictive Maintenance, Shell

12:10 Presentation: Hybrid Digital Twins for Prescriptive Maintenance of Heat Transfer Equipment
Francesco Coletti, CEO, Hexxcell Ltd
12:55 Presentation: “Asset Management and AI based predictive maintenance” – Large scale implementation stories,
Philippe Herve, VP of Oil and Gas Solutions, SparkCognition Inc
13:15 Panel 8 – Asset performance management

  • Return on investment – Understanding the value for investment in automation and digitalisation
  • Improving asset performance management over the entire asset lifecycle – Defining maintenance strategies
  • An insight into the economic return of digital investment – What can we learn?
  • How digital strategies drive collaboration
  • Challenges, opportunities, and threats with Asset performance management – Assessing the impact of 4.0

Karthick Srinivasan, Senior Director Digital and Business Transformation, Delek Holdings US
Mark Fonda, CTO, Meridian Energy Group Inc
Russell Herbert, Oil and Gas Industry Principal, OSIsoft
Philip Black, PE, Global Emerging Solutions Lead, Digital and Technology, Wood
Moderator: Cetin Karakus, Global Head of Quantitative and Analytical Solutions, bp

14:10 Though Leadership Presentation
Mark Fonda, CTO, Meridian Energy Group Inc
14:40 Panel 9 – Digitalisation in supply chain management – Challenges and opportunities

  • How IOT, Cloud computing and advanced robotics are making an impact – the do’s and don’ts
  • Removing the friction in the information flow – What are the key steps to a perfect digital ecosystem?
  • Applying an agile approach – What can we learn?
  • What does the future hold – An insight into biometric data, quantum computing, operator safety and enabling technology movement within facilities

Jan Shumate, Director, Manufacturing Automation Transformation, Eastman Chemical Co.
Marcos Pavlick Abech, PMP, Digital Factory Lead, Braskem
Joseph McMullen, Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager, Value Chain Optimisation, AVEVA
Adrian Fielding, General Manager, Safety Initiatives for Plant, Global Integrated Protective Solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions
Moderator: Udayan Vyas, Emerging Technology Strategist, Chevron

16:10 Panel 10 – The Digital Journey – Has Downstream fully embraced Digital?

  • Technology development and deployment – Do we see the clear benefits
  • Investor Relations – Does successfully implementing a digital strategy encourage financing
  • How leadership teams are dealing with the “Digital Transition” – What can we learn?
  • Applying an agile approach to driving digital strategies – What are the best practices and methodologies?

Matthew Hager, VP Digital Manufacturing – Innovation & Engineering Organisation, bp
Deanna Zhang, Director, Investment Banking Energy, Tudor, Pickering, Holt and Co.
Sri Mattu, Plant Engineering Team Lead, Suncor Energy Inc
Ben Randell, Product Line Manager, Chevron
Moderator: Patrick Bangert, VP AI, Samsung SDS America

Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International with
Marijn Bezuijen, SME and Business Opportunity Manager, Predictive Maintenance, Shell