Future Downstream

Online | 21 November 2023

Richard Zhang

Position: Software Product Development Lead, Shell Hydrogen

Richard is currently working at Shell Hydrogen in Boston, creating digital products for the whole H2 value chain as the Software Product Development Lead. His current mission is to integrate data-driven insights into the emerging H2 market to help ensure its scalability, safety, reliability, and profitability in the coming decade. Prior to joining the Shell Hydrogen team, he was a Product Owner and Senior Software Engineer at Shell TechWorks, the open innovation branch of Shell's technology delivery engine. He has years of experience working with startup founders and VCs to transform ideas into products and specializes in building rapid deployments and feedback cycles. Outside of work, Richard co-founded the Tufts branch of Contrary Capital and serves as a Venture Partner to fund student ventures and provide consultation on business plans. He also serves as the CTO of Discus Institute, a 501c3 nonprofit, with the goal of applying the startup agile mindset and design-driven practices in the sustainability industry.