Future Downstream

London | 2-3 March 2021

Loreen Lock

Position: Head of Clinical Governance, Remote Medical International

Since joining Remote Medical International in 2006, Loreen has worked as an Instructor, teaching our full suite of remote medicine courses, and as a Remote HSE Medic both on- and offshore. In 2013, she transitioned from the field to the corporate office, first managing Field Operations, then overseeing Clinical Governance and managing Remote Medical International’s Topside Assistance.

Her current role as Clinical Operations Director allows her to focus on delivering high-quality clinical solutions to our clients and ensuring that our providers have the necessary resources and systems to effectively and efficiently deliver the best practices in patient care. Loreen’s passion for medicine evolved from her time working with the National Ski Patrol in Colorado and her dedication to excellence and stringent protocols stem from her experience assisting in the first surgery performed at the South Pole Station in Antarctica. Ms. Lock holds degrees in Chemistry and Paramedicine and has worked on six continents across numerous industries.