Future Downstream

London | 2-3 March 2021

Jonquil Hackenberg

Position: Head of C-Suite Advisory, Infosys

I am Head of C-Suite Advisory at Infosys Consulting, where I oversee business transformation for FTSE and Fortune 500 companies across Europe. The most important thing for 21st century leaders is being able to recognise and bring together the right mix of people for the right purpose, equipping them with the right tools and skills relevant for a future-proof business. I’m passionate about leaders understanding the importance of people and of putting employees centre stage in this digital era, in order to put customers centre stage. Employees are, after all, internal customers. I write about everything that the C-Suite needs to know to run the best digitally-driven organisations and solve all the challenges facing the world of business, and within this, I focus on continuous learning, sustainability and sustainable business models, all underpinned by technology