Future Downstream

Online | 21 November 2023

Francesco Coletti

Position: Co-Founder and CEO, Hexxcell Ltd. 

Dr. Francesco Coletti is the CEO of Hexxcell Ltd., a London based technology company providing predictive analytics and prescriptive maintenance solutions for industrial heat transfer systems to major international oil&gas and petrochemical companies. Prior to Hexxcell, Francesco worked as a Development Specialist at Praxair Technology Center (now Linde) in Buffalo, NY.

Francesco has a track-record of developing digital solutions for the process industry, from ideation to deployment in the field, that deliver long-lasting positive impact. At Hexxcell, he is responsible for the Company’s overall strategy and commercialisation efforts while remaining heavily involved in the development of the core technology, originally based on his research at Imperial College London.

Francesco is passionate about all steps involved in the process of commercialising to industry cutting edge technologies. For this reason, he keeps very active in the scientific community as a part-time Associate Professor at Brunel University London where he contributed to the launch of a new Chemical Engineering Department, he is one of two elected representatives for the UK serving on the Scientific Committee of the International Heat Transfer Conferences, the top global conference in the field. He was elected to the UK National Heat Transfer Committee (2014), subsequently appointed as its Secretary (2016) and is a Director of the AIChE Fuels&Petrochemical Division (since 2019).

He holds a Laurea degree in Chemical Engineering from Padova University, Italy; an MSc in Process Systems Engineering and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London, UK.