Future Downstream

Online | 21 November 2023

Dr. Miguel Angel Calderon

Position: Carbon Cycle Division Director, CEPSA

Miguel A. Calderón born in Malaga, South of Spain, in 1965. 

Miguel A. Calderón studied Chemistry in the Universidad of Malaga. Since 1990 he is working in CEPSA the second biggest Oil & Gas Company in Spain owned by MUBADALA, the investment sovereign fund of Abu Dhabi, and CARLYLE.

During his 30 years professional career Miguel A. Calderón has been mainly focus on Downstream Business in Different countries. Mainly Spain, Canada and Brazil. He achieved the position of Senior Vice-President Production in CEPSA Chemicals responsible for Production of seven Petrochemical plants around the world. His major achievements were the Start-up of the LAB (Raw Materials for Detergent) production plant in Bécancour using the new Solid Bed Alkylation Technology developed by UOP and CEPSA on 1995. Major revamps of LAB plants in San Roque and Brazil and intensive efforts on Energy Saving projects were the major focus of Miguel A. during his downstream professional experience in Petrochemicals.

From 2012 to 2020, Miguel was CEPSA Technology Vice President. He was responsible of all the Research, Technology Development and New projects Engineering and Construction activities within CEPSA Group. The New Projects portfolio in CEPSA is typically around 1,0 Billion Euros per year.   

The New Projects Engineering and Construction activities were focused on Upstream and Downstream projects. The main achievements on this field are the following: The construction and start-up of the new Phenol plant in Shanghai and the new Alcohol plant in Indonesia, The construction and start-up of three major upstream projects in Argelia and almost 15 different revamp and grass-root projects on Chemical and Refining Business in Spain.

Since 2020, Miguel A. Calderón is the new Carbon Cycle Division Director in CEPSA responsible for all the activities related to measure, audit and follow up of the CO2 emissions in the whole company and to impulse, design and follow-up the CO2 emissions abatement plan in CEPSA. He has achieved the completion of the first CO2 Abatement plan in CEPSA that will be a critical piece in the global Strategy of the company. The plan has been published on 2022 March 30th.