Future Downstream

Online | 2-3 March 2021

Claudia Zuluaga

Position: Principal Digital Product Manager, Shell

Claudia has 21 years of experience working in multiple sectors such as Education, Research, Paper Mills, Power Generation, Oil & Gas (Offshore and Onshore) Upstream and Downstream. Claudia has worked in different countries around the world (Colombia, Chile, Argentina, England, Scotland, Malaysia, Canada and Netherlands). With her research, studies and direct exposure in different industries, Claudia developed her Predictive Maintenance expertise in Machinery through Vibration Analytics, Technology applicability, and new Predictive Maintenance developments.  

Claudia has spent most of her professional career advising Organisations in the set up, business change/transformation programmes, development and restructure; talent recruitment; and deployments of Predictive Maintenance strategies across different industries. Claudia’s passion for mentoring, coaching and development has offered organisations and employees, inspiring ways to embark on the 4th Industrial Revolution and see this as an opportunity rather than a challenge. For the last 10 years, Claudia has focused on merging traditional Predictive Maintenance approaches with the advancements of technology through Change Management, demonstrating millions in revenue and successfully shifting Organizations' mindsets.  

Recent strategies steered by Claudia encompass Predictive Maintenance via Machine Learning - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision and Internet of Things. Claudia developed and is currently managing the global roll out of the Predictive Maintenance Digital Strategy for Royal Dutch Shell.